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Effusive Ambivalance [entries|friends|calendar]

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Diary of the Comte de Saint-Germain [04 Apr 2008|07:48pm]
First Night, and the preceeding day thrice.

Those chosen by chance have failed, or as near to failure as one could ascertain and not call successful. Not, however, a complete failure, but a failure nonetheless.
I met them, as planned, at the scene of an horrific automobile accident. A barber, since deceased, a librarian, a child with much too much prerogative and a penchant for claiming himself “emo” for dedicated himself to the same behaivoirs as all other children his age (quite a curiosity, the young one, we shall have to test him further, as the later events, or shall I say earlier events, attest) and finally one for whom inebriated of the vicest sort holds appeal, and for whome vice of the most unappealing is not detrcted from by inebriation.

Bill Toge, divided man, did meet himself thrice in the form of an accident. The chosen aided at his rescue at my own behest, before the predicted unnatural action took place

Bill Toge, the divided man, and several vile low-lifes of his aquantance did perchance to gain riches through theft from a market. I watched with interest. The child retreated to a corner following the natural philosopher, who showed a predilection for simple explosives, while not making use of any. The librarian observed the scene with wit, and though availing to help an injured securityfellow, served to take no action. Ah, but no action is also an action, and it is this choice to which I attest: the barber, sighting a fleeing felon, had pause to attempt injury upon him, delaying his flight, though decided finally to take no action. A twin of his was seen exiting the building.


Bill Toge, the divided man, was here found in his own abode, tormenting one of whom is guilty of the most unspeakable vice, using a unique talent of epidiromancy. Creatively, he chose to selectively alter and suffocate his quarry, and it was at this time that the chosen intervened, with questions of the most inane sort. The barber here did not pause, taking action of the aggressive sort. Bringing blades to bear against Master Toge served futile, as Toge efficiently served to remove the barber’s flesh from his chest, leaving him bare-ribbed and in shock. Police came to assist immediately, and Toge, stabbing himself in the eye, ended himself, as the police exploded in a shower of, to use contemporary parlance, “gibbage.” The barber was raced to the hospital by the librarian, as the child and his guardian-figure accompanied the hostage to his own home. Here, they found the corpse of Toge’s own child, as well as a living girl, much younger in chains. Through combained effort, the two chosen ended the paedophiles life, taking a firm stance, a grim decision, and learning much about themselves in the process.
Choice, and power. Though the barber suffered to lose his own life, it is through his decisive action that this was successful. Let us go.

Bill Toge, divided man, led a cult in an abandoned caravan park. This movement was swift. The park was infiltrated, firstly by gaseous weapons, then by an assault of armed men, quickly and harshly putting down any resistance. The natural philosopher made use of fire, but in the end, this sonata was unsuccessful, and as I returned the chosen, a copy of the child was seen.
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On the Seer [17 Aug 2007|05:42pm]
The seer exists to tell the story. The seer is gifted with the sight to witness the future, and the turned-inwards eye to witness the past. The wisdom of all existence is within his or her grasp.

It is by the seer's action that the thirteen were soulbound.

The seer acts as a leader and messenger to the thirteen. He or she will gather them when the time comes, and lead them to their overwhelming fates.

It is rumoured the previous seer was a traitor to the resistance.

Should the seer ever have his or her cord severed, it is said that he or she will be afflicted with all the madness of every iteration of reality - after all, he or she has been witness to it. With such knowledge, he or she would become an overlord to the world, guiding it according to insane, sadistic whims.
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On the Representative [17 Aug 2007|05:33pm]
The representative is keystone to the resistance.

The representative's power is not his own; it flows from the ability to accept the power of those who put faith in him.

The greatest martial artist who ever lived would never lose in unarmed combat. So long as this manifestation, living or dead, chooses the representative as his champion, his skills are transferred.

So it is that the representative can wield any skill ever mastered, the sum total of every genius that ever lived. Even the power of the ordinary and mundane manifestations is a great power when combined in a single vessel.

Even the power of gods can be channeled by the representative - those that ally themselves with the representative will provide the bulk of his power.

The societies and cabals will come out of hiding to put their skills in the representative's hands. They will offer him boons as a sign of their faith. These boons will serve as armaments for him and his allies - those closest to him will fight alongside him, and share in his power.

When the Representative calls the power of Druidry, he must be within his grove, the place central to his power. He grows to several times his size, the flora and fauna of the grove will aid him, and he will summon Thor's own hammer to hand.

When the Representative sees cranes, he may call the power of Guardianship. He calls to hand a staff of light, and the protection of the world is placed in his hands, alongside power befitting this role. Under the guise of guardianship, he will fight for all of existence.
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On the Resistance [17 Aug 2007|05:05pm]
It is said that this iteration must end. There exist manifestations who would see this prevented.

The resistance will be led by at least thirteen manifestations. In actuality, these thirteen will prove central to the resistance, but all of reality will be polarised by the events. Cabals and societies, crated for this purpose, will be revealed to take their places and support the resistance.

The identities of the thirteen and their roles are not currently known; only the seer will have this knowledge revealed when the time comes.

Two roles are known: That of the representative, and that of the seer.

The resistance will prevail.
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Eight forms [17 Aug 2007|02:52pm]
Rhythm - A power that comes from skill and consistency

Chaos – A power that comes from rebellion and randomness.

Divine – A Power that comes from a Higher Level

Art – A Power that comes from Creation and Expression

Madness – A Power that comes from freeing the mind of all constraints

Logic – A power that comes from accepting limitations and exploiting them

Spirit – A power that comes from inner strength.

Tribute – A Power that comes from devotion to another.

When Rhythm meets Chaos – Terrorism Emerges

When Rhythm meets Divine – Prayer Emerges

When Rhythm meets Art – Dance Emerges

When Rhythm meets Madness – Enlightenment Emerges

When Rhythm meets Logic – Mathematics Emerges

When Rhythm meets Spirit – Goal Emerges

When Rhythm meets Tribute – Relationship Emerges

When Chaos meets Divine – Spirituality Emerges

When Chaos meets Art – Sculpture Emerges

When Chaos meets Madness – Individuality Emerges

When Chaos meets Logic – Social Engineering Emerges

When Chaos meets Spirit – Hope Emerges

When Chaos meets Tribute – Romance Emerges

When Divine meets Art – Song Emerges

When Divine meets Madness – Inspiration Emerges

When Divine meets Logic – Theology Emerges

When Divine meets Spirit – Faith Emerges

When Divine meets Tribute – Marriage Emerges

When Art meets Madness – Painting Emerges

When Art meets Logic – Craft Emerges

When Art meets Spirit – Poetry Emerges

When Art meets Tribute – Eroticism Emerges

When Madness meets Logic – Leadership Emerges

When Madness meets Spirit – Philosophy Emerges

When Madness meets Tribute - Love Emerges

When Logic meets Spirit – Psychology Emerges

When Logic meets Tribute – Familiarity Emerges

When Spirit meets Tribute – Relation Emerges
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On the nature of the silver cord [17 Aug 2007|02:46pm]
There exists a force which binds the chaos matter of reality.

Magic. Chi. Holy Spirit. The force. The Spirits. It has been termed many things by manifestations which do not understand it.

This force exists as a mixture of water, the simplest of chaos matter, with the very matter of permance itself. It is this substance that binds the permanence to existence.

Each manifestation carries with them an invisible silver cord. The term is taken for it's likeness to the cord used by astral travellers in fiction, but it does not function in the same manner. Only through this cord can a manifestation affect a permanence, and that permanance change.

A permanance exists in no state. Such as it is, a permanance may manifest as a human. This human may be a nerd. Yet, this human may also be a jock. The chaos matter may take any form as chosen by the permanance. Only through exposure to experience can the permanance be changed.

The silver cord can, in certain instances, be cut. As the permanance is unchanging, it is unharmed, but the shell that remains of the manifestation will be left incomplete. It will continue to live, but only under it's basic instincts and learning. After many years, nearly all of the cordless become insane.

Many of the most hideous crimes are caused by the malice of one still with a silver cord. Yet the most random and horrific are caused by those who have become cordless. Have mercy on them, they know not what they do.

Should one of the cordless be encountered, there is but one hope and action a merciful manifestation can bestow. The cordless must be destroyed immediately - only then can the permanance re-manifest.
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On the nature of Chaos matter. [17 Aug 2007|02:41pm]
Chaos matter is the matter that makes up existance. It is malleble and ever-changing. This is its nature.

Chaos matter at its most basic is represnted by Fire and by Water.

Fire is the external nature of change of chaos matter. Water is the internal nature of change of chaos matter.

Fire shifts and warps. It exists only as long as it has fuel, appearing from nowhere and disappearing as quickly. What it touches is changed. Such is the external nature of chaos matter.

Water is made of Hydrogen, and Oxygen. Hydrogen is the simplest state of chaos matter, and the form is resides it before it has a chance to change. Yet it may become anything. Oxygen is that which is necessary for life, the personification of chaos matter and the manifestation of permanence to occur.

Water shifts and warps. It takes the shape of where it is placed. Such is the internal nature of chaos matter.

Chaos matter must always change, yet by entropy, it is necessary that each iteration must end.
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The Creation [17 Aug 2007|02:36pm]
In the beginning was the Logos. The Logos was with the permanence, and the logos was the permanence.

The permanence wished to improve. But the nature of permanence is such that it cannot change.

The permanance had great power at it's disposal. Of chaos matter, it shaped existence.

The permanance split itself. Yet such is the nature of the permanance, that it remained one still.

Each part of the permanance could not change. Each part could manifest within existence. Within existence, all is of chaos matter. So, within existence, each part could change.

When manifesting, each part was connected to the permanance that held it by way of a silver cord. In this way, a permanance could change. it could improve, yet also it could falter.

Though the permanance was split, and though it manifested itself many times over, though many iterations of reality, it remained permanent and unchanging.

Though the permanance was unchanging, it is the nature of chaos matter to shift. Such as it is, each iteration must end.
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The End [17 Aug 2007|02:32pm]
Immanentize the Eschaton

The end is coming. Imminent and Inevitable.





The end of the fifth age.

The end.
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Tucker Max drunk! [16 Jun 2007|11:48am]
[ mood | Hungover ]

So, last night was the Staff Party for my division at work. I came. I brought a hip flask of Vodka. See, I knew they'd have shitty beer, and a little vodka makes shitty beer better.

Cute forward several hours. I did not score with the cute one. I DID stumble home in a haze, throw up about 15 times and eventually get to sleep.

In the morning, I was throwing up bile, and couldn't keep down even a sip of water for hours.

That was a bad hangover.

Feeling a bit better now. I'm proud, this is the most drunk I have ever been.

I also bought a rapier. And got brushed off by cute fencing chick. Maybe.

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How to have lunch in two minutes [29 Mar 2007|06:14pm]
1) Prior to the day in question, drink a V in the afternoon, and a Coca-Cola an hour prior to going to bed. This will ensure you cannot sleep.

2) Go to bed at approximately one am. By the time you get to sleep, it should be past 3am

3) Ignore your alarm at 8am. Get up at midday or later.

4) Try to do all the stuff you wanted to get done in the day - vacuum, make a Shadowfist deck, read etc. Due to not having enough sleep it should take twice as long. Due to sleeping in you should have half the time to do it.

5) Make matters worse by stopping for long periods of time to play mindless video games on ZSNES and to surf annoying websites. Ensure you look up "vagina" on Wikipedia because it's funny.

6) Realise it's three thirty halfway through testing your new deck. Remember you have to leave for work now, and you haven't eaten lunch.

7) Go over to the cupboard and pull out a tin of flavoured tuna. This has been in the cupboard for around a year and you have put off eating it due to being sick of tuna and it's your least favourite flavour. Eat in in about a minute. Be sure to avoid actually tasting it.

8) Walk to the fridge. Pull out a block of cheese. Cut off a hunk the size of your face. Eat it as you walk to work. Almost die from the salt content.
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First day of Freedom [01 Dec 2006|12:43am]
Yes, I still have plenty of work to do on my Novel, but this is the first day of no NaNo, and what do I do? I sleep in until 10am and write nothing! Shows how motivated I am.

In other news, Jak and Daxtar is awesome, especially for the 15$ it cost me. I'm about two thirds through after three days. Shadowfist tonight, which means retooling my Fire deck, since it's a CiA tourney. That means removing the shattering fires because they're less than useless in this deck.

I also need to figure out what I'm going to eat for lunch.

As a bonus, I'm not even hung over.
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Fifty thousand! [30 Nov 2006|05:32am]
I did it, 50k and novel number 2 written. Sort of.

I hit 50k and I've beaten NaNo. Before my novel is finished, I need to:

1) Write the last three chapters. This will create the first draft.

2) Write the subplot chapters

3) Re-read novel, create a timeline to ensure everything works and fix any logic errors

4) Insert the subplot chapters at appropriate points in the novel

5) Re-edit the novel in a line edit, adding in slang throughout, and creating a dictionary as I do. This will create the second draft.

6) Get people to read the second draft and get critiques to re-edit into a third and final draft.

So, TGIKATM (Thank God it's Kinda Almost The Middle).
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Stupid game thingy I signed up to for shits and giggles [30 Nov 2006|12:07am]
watch JamPaladin fight
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On the Universe, Philsophy and Theology [28 Nov 2006|09:34am]
My thought process:

I have a choice. Every moment, whatever action I am taking, I have a choice. This can be as simple as "What movie will I watch?" to "Will I speak out and save a man's life as risk to my own political standing." These choices have an effect.

At the very basic level, every choice is a matter of: "What do I do? What is best?" While people may seem to do stupid things, this merely redefines best. An impulsive person, for example, would consider taking a stupid action better than not taking it in some circumstances.

However, I have no way to ascertain what is real, in a pure existentialist way. I do not know if there exists a God or gods, or not. I do not even know if I really exist, if the people I talk to are real or are an illusion.

Since I can know nothing, I have no choice but to believe that what I see and experience is real. When people tell me things, I must assume those people are real and think as I do, through Occam's razor, through observation. When things happen I myself do not observe, I must believe or disbelieve them based on the credibility of the speaker.

Many people tell me of God or gods. These people cannot provide observational evidence and most claim that none exists. Therefore, their claim lacks credibility, especially as each of these groups tells me their way is the only and best way. None of these has any credibility over another.

Therefore, my basis of "What is best?" must be based on what I observe. Since I can never know if there is or is not a God, and what is or is not right in their eyes, I must base my decision on what I observe. In other words, my actions must be guided by what I consider to be best.

So to recap, my only possible choice in this state of unknowing is to a) Assume what I see is real and B) to try and act in a way that I believe is sincerely best. By human standards, I don't believe any human can expect me to do better than this; I do not believe that any God or gods that exist can expect anything more than to do this. Any theos that did expect something as ridiculous as being able to choose the correct choice from functionally identical choices with no way of ascertaining the greater is, to be simple, a theos worth no respect at all.

So, the question then becomes: What do I feel is best? What should my actions be based on?

The answer seems simple: Love. Any positive action can be based, in its roots, as love. Any negative action is not. Therefore, any action done with love is a worthwhile act. The fact that this meshes with the concept several major religions claim of God and Love being the same.

So, apologies for the crap basement level philosophy. But this is why The Beatles are, in fact, more valuable a moral compass than any religious book.
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On Emotion [28 Nov 2006|09:20am]
A friend who shall remain nameless says she is depressed again.

At this very moment, I have no doubt that at least one person I know is cutting themselves.

As of a few days ago, I realised I preferred to be sad than happy. Sorrow just seems a more interesting, introspective emotion to me. Joy leaves me empty and bored.

I am someday going to day; I don't want to die. Why is the world broken?

I want to touch, but I am told: Look, but do not touch. Why is the world broken?

Bad things happen to good people. Good things happen to bad people. Why is the world broken?

I have enough money that my only decision is which consumer product to spend it on. Companies vie for my money, they bribe politicians and fuck everything up so they can sell me the same piece of music three times. Somewhere in the world, people don't even have enough food. Every week, a single supermarket throws out a lot of food. Why is the world broken?

Some people get to be good people. Some people never have the chance. Why is the world broken?

Everybody wants a partner, but there is no easy way for everybody to find a partner and some never do. Why is the world broken?

Some people never got as much love from both parents as I got from one: Why is the world broken?

"Look in my eyes, you'll see who I am: My name is Lucifer; please take my hand."
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Meme from The_Zaniak [28 Nov 2006|09:07am]
I'm somewhat offended...

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Friday Night [17 Nov 2006|01:01pm]
Am I the only one who feels like a failure on a Friday night when I'm at home alone on the internet?
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End of the Second day [02 Nov 2006|10:44am]
End of the second day of NaNo. I have achieved 12, 379 words, which I consider an excellent start, and beats my 10,000 by the second day last tiem I did this.

I'm one chapter away from the end of the first of five acts in the plot; and the plot is just starting to get exciting. I've introduced my important characters, and I'm still having a lot of fun with the story and character. I'm definitely going to need to go back and edit when I'm done to make the slang language used more pervasive, and to improve on the narration.

First person, present tense is EXCEEDINGLY unwieldy.

The writing I consider pretty good, not the best I've ever done, but still very good. I've noticed it somewhat wants to be a film script - it's around 90% dialogue. That might just be because I'm going for word count and dialogue is quick and easy to write, you basically just act out the character. It's like an RPG session! We're you're GMing! And everyone is an NPC! And No Dice!

A few excerpts from my favourite parts today:

The point where Blake realises he's in trouble:

"How good am I at the game?" "Honestly?" "Yes" "You're the best". "Then understand when I say it was years ago I swore to bring this guy down, and he's still here. Now he wants me dead. We're in trouble"

The bad guy chats to the good guy:

“Now now, that’s not really appropriate for an English teacher, is it? I thought profanity was a crutch for people who didn’t know any longer words. Motherfucker.”

“Here is where I completely fail to point out the inherent hypocrisy in your argument, and instead raise the issue that I can drop you before your goons touch me.”

Looking at this face, I feel the Shadow’s of the buildings above lay heavy on me. The rage begins to well. It’s a weakness, and I try to push it back.

“Save it. You know as well as I do that you are one of those higher purpose good guys. You won’t die for revenge. Besides, my goons needn’t touch you. They have guns.”

Plus, I love how unwieldy this sentance is:

“One moment. I will ask if he is available to speak to you” Then, a minute later, a sweat-filled, anticipatory minute in which I understand the fact that if Member Richardson is busy taking a shit, or playing mini-golf with a cup, or bonking a hot secretary and doesn’t want to speak, it could mean my death and the loss of everything I’ve worked so hard for, one intense minute, and she’s back, saying “Member Richardson will speak to you now.”

Anyway, I even ahd time to sort my cards and music for a few hours today.

Tomorrow I write more. I'm also planning to go to fast food nation at Dendy in the afternoon with my housemate. May go out drinking after that or something, since it's Friday night.
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As posted on the NaNo forums [01 Nov 2006|10:29am]
Well it's 8:30, my evening shift is almost over and I'm calling it a day. 6680 words written, and good words too.

I'm really enjoying this story so far. I've got a feeling it's going to spill a bit over 50k at this stage. Act one is about the search for the bookman, I'm still introducing characters, and he doesn't yet know who the bookman is. I haven't even introduced the Femme Fatale yet!

This is probably the most fun book I've ever writen, and it's going to be just as fun editing it.
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